Body cam shows woman fight with police while holding infant


ALBUQUERQUE, NM (WCMH) — Police body camera footage appears to show a woman take a swing at police officers while holding her infant child.

Police tell KOAT-TV the incident happened after a DWI crash. Officers say the woman was yelling “My baby! My Baby!” when they arrived, but when they asked to check on the infant child, she refused to cooperate.

Officer: “The baby needs to be checked by medical.”
Woman: “He’s fine!”
Officer: “No he’s not. You don’t have a choice.”

Police say the were able to finally get the infant away from the woman to be checked out by first responders. But then, the woman became more violent.

Officer: “Do not swing at me.”
Woman: “I did not swing at you.”

The officer wearing the body camera asks the woman repeatedly to sit down, but she keeps refusing to cooperate. The officer eventually arrested her on a felony charge.

The infant is now in state custody.

Police tell KOAT-TV the man who was driving the car also faces charges of child abuse.

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