Woman refuses to sell home to timeshare giant


ORLANDO, FL (AP) — An 81-year-old woman is refusing to sell her Orlando townhome to one of the world’s largest timeshare companies.

Westgate Resorts has bulldozed the condominium development around it, leaving only Julieta Corredor’s townhome standing.

The company is building an eight-story, 80-unit timeshare tower about 12 feet from her 1,125-square-foot townhome.

Westgate says the Corredors hadn’t stepped foot in the condo for more than a decade and that it had mold and wood decay.

Westgate officials have made offers to compensate the Corredors, but they have rejected them.

If the Corredors continue to refuse to sell, they could join real estate “holdouts” like Edith Macefield, who prompted a developer in Seattle to build a five-story commercial development around her home.

The house later was used in promotion for the Disney film “Up.”

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