Fighting bald eagles freed after getting stuck in storm drain


ORLANDO, FL (WCMH) –The crowd cheered as the second bald eagle, a nine pound female, was freed from inside a storm drain.

“It was exciting because you know that’s an amazing animal, that’s our bird, that’s our countries bird, we need to keep it safe,” witness Barbara Roy told WKMG.

According to wildlife experts, the two eagles fell to the ground during a territory fight, and got stuck in the drain.

“It’s a territory fight, the eagles fight all the time, it’s probably female. I didn’t see yet but it doesn’t really matter, males females, they all fight,” said Dianna Flynt with the Audubon Center For Birds Of Prey.

At first, the both birds were spotted in the drain, but after a while, one flew away, pushing the other further down. The second bird had to be pulled out of the drain by rescuers.

According to WKMG, wildlife officials are now checking the eagle for any injuries.

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