The biggest full moon in 70 years will be visible Sunday and Monday

CREDIT: Robert Fauble
CREDIT: Robert Fauble

COLUMBUS (WCMH)—The Full Beaver Moon Monday will be extra special because it is a supermoon—the moon is at its closest position to Earth Monday morning, called perigee.

Even better, the moon and Earth, due to its orbital path that is not a true circle, will be closer than at any time since January 1948—and won’t come this close again until 2034! And we have a clear sky tonight to enjoy the moonlit view, too, which is always a challenge in November.

A supermoon is a new or full moon that can appear as much as 14 percent brighter and 30 percent larger compared to when the moon is farthest away, which enhances the illumination from our perspective. The “moon illusion” makes our brain think the moon is even larger when near the horizon. The dynamic moon surface is pockmarked with craters, part of the ongoing bombardment of comets and asteroids.

Later this week, with the luck of unusually dry weather, the Leonid meteor shower peaks Thursday night, Nov. 17-18, though the view will be dimmed slightly by the moonlight. Earth passes through the debris of comet 55R/Tempel-Tuttle. Friction causes tiny particles to burn up in our atmosphere, emitting streaks of light.

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