Child abandoned by her father in bus terminal leads police to murdered mother


STAMFORD, CT (WCMH) — The 5-year-old girl was found abandoned in a bus terminal by her father who is suspected of murdering her mother.

According to WCBS, police are searching for Elmer Gomez Rauno after he told his 5-year-old daughter not to leave the news stand in the terminal and left her there alone for more than two hours.

Police say when they began talking to the child, they told them in Spanish the address of her family’s apartment. When officers arrived on scene, they found the girl’s mother, who was from Guatemala, murdered.

Gomez Rauno and the woman had just moved back in together after a separation.

“Here is a young child whose life is turned upside down she moved here one day prior which is traumatic enough and to have this happen,” Stamford Police Department Captain Richard Conklin told WCBS.

Police say they believe Gomez Rauno and his wife were in the U.S. illegally, and that they continue to search for him.


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