7-year-old boy charged with shooting his dad; dad charged with neglect


GREENDWOOD, IN (WTHR) Prosecutors in Johnson County, Indiana have filed charges against a 7-year-old boy for shooting his father.

It’s an unusual case and the boy isn’t the only one in trouble.

In the Greenwood home on Westwood Drive, where police called conditions “deplorable,” prosecutors say a seven-year-old boy fired a gun at his father when he was told he had to spend the weekend with dad.  The shot hit his dad, Charles Yancey, in the wrist.

“He went into the room, got the gun, loaded it, went back into the room, pointed it at his father and pulled the trigger,” said Johnson County Prosecutor Brad Cooper.

Prosecutors also charged his father and stepmother with felony neglect.

“Not under a lock, not under key, no trigger lock, nothing of the sort,” Cooper said. “When a seven-year-old has access to a firearm like this, under these circumstances, you get what happened here.”

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