Armless archer aiming to be the best in the world


KIRKSVILLE, MO (WCMH) — In 2012, he rose to fame at the 2012 London Paralympics and quickly became known as the “Armless Archer.”

Matt Stutzman’s new sight is the 2020 Tokyo games.

“Until I can hit the middle of the target every single shot I’m gonna keep pushing and learning,” Stutzman tells KTVO.

Originally, Stutzman took up archery as a way to provide, but it soon turned into a goal to reach greatness.  “I want to be the best archer in the world. I can take a bow that’s not modified for me and I can compete against people who have no physical disabilities and beat them, I mean that’s pretty awesome right?” say Stutzman.

After a few upcoming competitions, Stutzman says he’s going to focus on the 2020 games in Tokyo, but he knows nothing is guaranteed. “I’ll keep my toes crossed; maybe I’ll win my chance to go represent the USA again,” Stutzman tells KTVO.

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