Little girl with cancer given a second chance at Halloween


AUBURN, ME (WCMH) – A seven-year-old girl with cancer was given a second chance to celebrate Halloween after she missed it last month.

While most kids are out trick or treating, seven-year-old Kinzie was stuck in a hospital bed.

“It was July 28th of 2015. About as earth-shattering of a change as you can imagine,” Kinzie’s mom, Holly Bosse, told WCSH.

That’s the day Kinzie was diagnosed with high-risk Neoroblastoma.

Kinzie has been in and out of the hospital ever since. Holly thought she would be out of the hospital last month in time to go trick or treating.

“I was feeling a little bit sick, and I was at the hospital, I felt sad, because everybody else trick-or-treated,” Kinzie said.

Kinzie’s neighbors, friends and family stepped in to give her a do-over.

Her family wheeled her door-to-door along with a parade of friends. It wasn’t just the candy that brought a smile to her face. It’s the constant support of the “Kinzie Strong” community.

Now, she’s a sweet girl with sweet candy and a sweet smile, despite the circumstances.

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