Buckeye players help put together Meals on Wheels food plates


COLUMBUS (WCMH) – Before Ohio State football teammates celebrate Thanksgiving, several members of the squad helped prepare food for those less fortunate.

The Buckeyes spent an hour packing boxes of food and making Meals on Wheels food plates at Lifecare Alliance’s two central Ohio facilities.

“The opportunity to serve and accompany the workers who are here 365 days a year and just help them out, take a load off their shoulders it’s an unbelievable opportunity in what it means to be a Buckeye in this community,” said Buckeye safety Jarrod Barnes.

The buckeyes have volunteered at Lifecare Alliance the day before Thanksgiving for the last four years.

The team is entering its final days of preparations for the game against that team up north. They practice again Wednesday afternoon and Thursday morning.

Players who live nearby will be able to take teammates home with them for Thanksgiving dinner.

The team returns to campus by noon on Friday for final preparations.

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