Stranger returns woman’s lost paycheck


ALBUQUERQUE, NM (WCMH) — An Albuquerque, New Mexico woman is relieved after the kindness displayed by a complete stranger.

When Leticia Guerra went to the bank to deposit her paycheck, she realized she had lost the check. Like anyone else, she went back to work to start the process of getting a new paycheck issued. When she arrived home later that night, she found a surprise that made the new check unnecessary.

“I came out to check the mail, and when I opened my door, it was just like the envelope was just lying there. I thought it was an advertisement or something,” Guerra told KOAT 7. Inside the envelope was her missing paycheck.  “I started reading it, and then I opened it, and I was like ‘Oh my God, I need to thank somebody.’”

The missing check was very important to Guerra’s family because her husband is currently unemployed.

“My husband, their contract ended,” she said. “He’s been out of work almost a month.”

Guerra has no idea who returned her check, but she wishes she could thank them for their kindness.

“Thank you very much for being so honest and taking the time to look up the address, going out of their way to bring it here,” she said.

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