Restaurant bans people with face and neck tattoos


DALLAS (WCMH) – A Texas-based restaurant and bar chain says people with face or neck tattoos are not welcome.

A tattoo artist says he was turned away from Little Woodrow’s because of the policy, KTVT reported.

“I would say from my point of view it’s definitely a little discriminatory,” said tattoo shop owner and TV show hose of “Ink Master. “Not everyone with a neck tattoo is in a gang. Sorry to break the news to ya.”

The company’s lawyer says the policy isn’t a ban on tattoos, they’d just rather prefer no neck or face tattoos.

Attorney Britta Stanton told KTVT the restaurant is likely within its right, but says the restaurant must enforce that rule on all people.

“It’s easy to hide behind a dress code to unfairly target someone. And so the Department of Justice takes that seriously,” Stanton said.

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