California State University releases active shooter safety training video

The California State University system released an active shooter safety video to help students in case of an attack.Titled, “Run, Hide, Fight,” the video informs students what to do should a gunman open fire on one of CSU’s 23 campuses.

“I think it’s important,” Cal State Northridge student Cynthia Campana told CBSLA.

The video was produced at the end of 2017 with input from campus police chiefs, CSU said. It was first distributed to campuses in January and shared on social media earlier this month.

The video outlines the basics of staying alive in what has become an all-too-common situation in the U.S.

It emphasizes that students should try to run away, in part because campus shooters don’t typically give chase.

Experts also say to run as soon as there are signs of trouble, in this case possible gunfire, and not to wait until you’re positive a shooting is happening.

Should you find yourself unable to leave campus, the video counsels you to find a hiding place and stay there.

Only in the most dire of circumstances should you engage the shooter, referred to in the video as “fight.”

“You have surprise on your side. The attacker is not expecting armed resistance until police arrive. This is your advantage,” the video states.