11-24 travel 10

Dave’s Discussion – Weather 11/24/15

We are getting so close to Thanksgiving Thursday you can almost smell the Turkey :) We had a very chilly start to the week with temperatures…

11-23 thur 7am

Dave’s Discussion – Weather 11/23/15

Brrrr!!!!   What a start this morning.   We had a lot of readings in the teens this morning.   It was the coldest morning since late March, …

11-20 snowfall total 2

Dave’s Discussion – Weather 11/20/15

The weekend is almost here, and so is the cold weather and snow.   Right now snow is falling over Iowa, and Winter Weather Advisories, Watch…


Dave’s Discussion – Weather 11/19/15

Too bad we can’t replay yesterday.   We had a high temperature just 2 off the record for the date, topping off at 71 degrees, and the low fo…

mazza snow pic

Dave’s Discussion – Weather 11/18/15

Typical Ohio Weather!!!   Its near 70 this afternoon, in mid/late November.  This is so uncommon for this time of year, and about the exact …

snow photo

Dave’s Discussion – Weather 11/17/15

Its been a beautiful November in general, with temperatures that feel more like October.   The end is near! We have a rainy cold front that …

Capture 111714

Dave’s Discussion – Weather 11/16/15

What a difference a year makes.   I know that sounds silly, but think about it.   Just a year ago today, this was the start of our newscast.…

11-13 pic

Dave’s Discussion – Weather 11/13/15

It’s Friday the 13th!   Yes, that day a lot of us think that spooky or wild stuff happens on.   For fun, I thought it would be cool to go ba…

11-11 winds

Dave’s Discussion – Weather 11/11/15

Head in the clouds this morning. Wow, how about some fog this morning?   We mentioned it last night, and mother nature delivered.   It was a…

11-10 500mb winds

Dave’s Discussion – Weather 11/10/15

Timing is everything right? Well, it always seems that way with the weather.   This morning the disturbance that rolled through the state ha…

11-09 spc day 3

Dave’s Discussion – Weather 11/09/15

November is more than a quarter way done, and in the books is a much warmer than normal start.   Temps have pushed almost 7.5 degrees above …

11-06 clouds

Dave’s Discussion – Weather 11/06/15

This could be our unofficial end to our September, finally.   With a morning cold front, cooler air will start to usher in later today, and …

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