We lost power at the NBC4 studios but we did our best to salvage some highlights and get them on the air for you


Burning Man burning up over Quiznos ad

Burning Man is considering legal action against sandwich chain Quiznos over a video ad that pokes fun at the festival, an event organizer sa…

Super Mario Brothers turns 30

Thirty years ago today, video gamers grabbed their first super mushrooms and stomped goombas and koopas for the first time.

Tonight show recap: September 11, 2015

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump explains why he prefers speaking off the cuff instead of reading prepared statements during r…

FFN: Week 3 scores

Akr. Garfield 21, Tallmadge 14 Akr. Hoban 27, Youngs. Ursuline 0 Akr. Springfield 54, Akr. Kenmore 12 Akr. SVSM 10, Mentor Lake Cath. 7 Alba…