Talent Appearance Requests

How can I get an NBC 4 personality to speak to my civic, church or school group or host an event?

A: Due to the large number of requests we receive, NBC4 will only consider requests that meet the following criteria and that provide all the details listed below.
To request an NBC4 personality for an appearance at your event, send an email to community@nbc4i.com.

Criteria for NBC4 personality requests:
1. Request must be received eight weeks minimum in advance of the requested appearance date.
2. Appearance must be for an event that is civic or school based and/or is for an event that benefits a non-profit organization.
3. If requesting a Storm Team 4 meteorologist the class must be 4th grade or older and be a minimum of 30 children – you can group classes together.
4. A non-school event must have a minimum attendance of fifty people.
5. Per company policy, NBC4 employees are prohibited from accepting payment for the appearance by the event.
6. NBC4 personalities make appearances during their personal time so please keep their required time to two hours or less.
7. Requests will be handled in the order of their receipt and NBC4 will provide will respond within 10 working days, providing all required information has been submitted.

Include all of the following information in your email:
1. Name of the event
2. Brief description of the event
3. Name of benefitting charity, if applicable
4. Estimated number of attendees
5. Day, date and time of the entire event
6, Location and address of the event
7. Start and end time of the NBC 4 personality’s appearance
8. What do you want the NBC 4 personality to do at the event — emcee, speak, other? Provide as much detail as possible.
9. Primary contact’s name, daytime phone number and email address
10. Provide any other details that you think are important for us to know